Use Android App in PC

Yes, you heard it right !!!
Now I am going to Show you tutorial on how to use Dragon City Android app in PC !!! So that PC users can also get Android offer for them since there are more offers on Android app than PC & I know the feeling when your friend is getting awesome offers & you are doing nothing !!

So lets move on to Tutorial now !!!

  Step 1 – Download Bluestack for PC

Now about Bluestack !!
Bluestack : Here is Link

Free Download Bluestack for PC

Bluestack is an Android Emulator or I can say “The Best” Android Emulator present on Internet. And special thing is its completely free, so you don’t have to spend money for this software !!
Here are Minimum requirements needed for bluestack !! Click here to see Requirements !!

If you Don’t Like Bluestack you can use other emulators also !! But in this tutorial I’m going to use Blustack Obviously !!!

Once you click on download button, it will download 10-12 Mb .exe file !!

Step 2 – Install Bluestack on your PC

It will download some data from internet during Installation, so you must have your Internet connection turned “ON” during Installation !!!
Now double click on downloaded .exe file & It will start Installing bluestack on your PC .
Select all options when it asks for !!
Process is very Simple !! You just have to click on “Next” several times !!
After download some data, It will install them !! & After Complete Installation It will start automatically !!!

Step 3 – Install Dragon City App in your Bluestack

Now after you successfully installed & Opened Bluestack, now its time to install Dragon City app !!
You can Install DC app in two ways !!
1. If you have Dragon City android app’s .apk file in your PC, then you just have to double click on that .apk file & it will automatically install in your bluestack !!

2. Downloading from Play Store !!! Since you can’t see play store app their, you need to do app sync from all apps !!  Now after App sync, open browser & search in google for dragon city app !! Once you got the link for app & click on it, it will ask how to open the link, so now here Play Store app will be visible in option for opening that link !! Select Play Store & Select Always. It will take you to the DC app page on play store. Install the app & Start Dragon city !!

If you have any questions, you can ask in comments !!
Thank you !!

Enjoy !!


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