Stadium Tournaments

Enter the Dragon Stadium to battle with your Dragons. You can win generous Rewards & gain Infinite Glory.

Hello folks,

Stadium is special building where you can fight with all types of dragons from dragon city. This Building is available in Storage > Buildings > Special for 25000 & you will get 25000 for Building it. You need to hire 3 friends to open this Building.

In Stadium you fight with different set of 3 dragons after 12 hours once. These sets are made according to elements or its habitats. Ex. Terra Element Dragons, Olympus island Dragons etc.

Fights unlock after 12 hours. You get only one chance. If you loose, you have to wait 12 hours & fight same dragons again.

Reward = +

You get 2  reward for each match from level 1-6 & for 7th & 8th Level tournament you get 7 per match. Golds value changes after every match.

The Dragon list for each match is given here. Its distributed according to Levels.

Level 1 Tournaments

Level 2 Tournaments

Level 3 Tournaments

Level 4 Tournaments

Level 5 Tournaments

Level 6 Tournaments

Level 7 Tournaments

Level 8 Tournaments

So get your stadium & Start Earning Glory for your Dragons 🙂


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