Pirate Island

Here is another Interesting Quest from Dragon City Game.

Get Your Crew & Be ready to Set Sail cause Pirate Ship is Here on our Dragon City Island.

Lets Play & Win Amazing Dragons like

JellyFish Dragon

Octopus Dragon

Octopus Dragon & Jellyfish Dragon

Pirate island on Dragon City


Here is Quest for you Guys !!!

Dragon City Pirate Quest


1. Combat World- 6


To Complete this task you have to Win 6 Matches in Combat World.

2. Pirate Parrot- 3

To Collect these Parrots you have to Breed 3 Dragons !!!

3. Grog Battles- 6

You have to Collect these Barrels after Every 12 Hours.

4. Pirate Swords- 7

To collect these Swords you have to win 7 Battles. Your opponents List is given Below the Image.

Dragon City Pirate Island

List of Dragons to Fight to Collect Swords.

Dragon Weak Against Try
 1. Seashell Dragon in Dragon City Seashell Sea Sea Sea Sea Blizzard
2. Coral Dragon in Dragon City Coral Cactus
3. Seahorse Dragon in Dragon City Seahorse Blizzard
4. Pirate Dragon in Dragon City Pirate Alpine
5. Plankton Dragon in Dragon City Plankton Blizzard
6. Jellyfish Dragon in Dragon City Jellyfish Blizzard
7. Optopus Dragon in Dragon City Octopus Alpine


5. Pirate Flag- 5

To collect Pirate Flag You have to Invite 5 Friends which don’t play DC.

6. Pirate Hook- 15

To collect Hooks you have to send Gifts to your friends.



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