Soul Habitat & 4 New Dragons are Available in Ancient World Now

Hello Guys !!

Finally Dragon city made some Updates in Ancient World !!!
Yes you heard it right !! It got updates on 13 Feb 2015 1:14 am IST !!

And want to know what are these updates ?? Then lets get to it !!

So First Important Update is

Soul Habitat

The Most Significant Dragons live here. You might want to prepare to bow before them, because they are true heroes. Scientists, Adventurers & Strategists share one space i.e. Soul Habitat !!!

Yeah This Habitat kind of looks cool, that amazing statue of Dragon, that fog, And most importantly it looks like all VIP Dragons live in this Habitat !!!

Soul Habitat Anceint World in Dragon City

Soul Habitat in Dragon City
  And now on 2nd Updates !!

So Dragon City now Increased No. of Dragons on Ancient World !! Yes, Now there are 4 more dragons & that make Total 18 Dragons now !!

Still I was hoping to see Breeding Dome, But looks like we have to wait for Breeding Dome Updates !! I hope that next update will be on Breeding Dome !! & More Habitats too !!

So here are all New Dragons !!!

Ignox, Delegate of Blaze

Dragon City Ignox Dragon Ancient World

Ankeror, Spirit of Conquest

Dragon City Ankeror Dragon Anceint World

Cosmoprime, Guardian of the Universe

Dragon City Cosmoprime Dragon Anceint World

Turkgon, Admiral of Corsairs

Dragon City Turkgon Dragon Anceint World


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