Carnival Adventure: Venetian Dragon

Here is the 7th dragon available in Carnival Adventure !!!! Venetian Dragon !!!

The Venetian Dragon’s logic tells him that his mask is anonymity and anonymity is freedom to do whatever he wants to without consequences, so he never takes his beautiful porcelain mask off !!

Venetian Dragon Carnival Adventure

Here are the Requirements for Venetian Dragon:

iOS / Android App Requirement [Same for Facebook/PC]

Icon # Wait Name How to Get Pool
feather Carnival Adventure 48 1h36m Carnival Feather
By Collecting Gold
Carnival Maracas carnival adventure 32 2h40m Carnival Maracas
By Feeding Dragons 3
Carnival Island Venetian Dragon 6 2h Mardi Gras Hat By Quest Fighting
Dragon city Venetian Dragon 8 4h Mardi Gras Collar Combat World
Dragon city Venetian Dragon 5 8h Goodie Bag
By Hatching Eggs


List of Dragons to Fight :

Note: I recommend you to always use Pure Dragons to fight with these dragons, since Pure Dragons don’t have any weakness & they are also high in category !!!

Dragon Weakness Avoid
1st Element
1. Ice Metal e1 e1 pearl dragon dragon City
Flame Metal e2 Nature War Terra Ice e3 e3 e3 e3 e3 Aurora Dragon Blue Dragon Burning Dragon
2. Nature Flame e1 e1 butterfly dragon dragon City
Terra Ice e2 Dark Light Sea Ice e3 e3 e3 e3 e3 alpine dragon aztec dragon apocalypse dragon
3. Nature Flame Electric e1 little-red-riding-hood dragon dragon City
Little Red Riding Hood
Terra Ice e2 Dark Light Sea Ice Nature e3 e3 e3 e3 alpine dragon apocalypse dragon dragon City dragon city fluorescent dragon City
4. Terra Light Pure e1 sleeping beauty dragon dragon City
Sleeping Beauty
Metal War e2 Nature Dark Electric e3 e3 e3 e3 e3 e3 dragon City elfic dragon blue dragon dragon City dragon city gold dragon City
5. Flame Ice Nature Electric mirage dragon dragon City
Sea Electric e2 Sea Ice Nature War Dark Light Flame Metal e3 dragon City aurora dragon battery dragon dragon City dragon city lightbeam dragon City
6. Dark Sea Flame e1 venetian dragon dragon City
Terra Nature Light Metal Light Flame Electric War Sea Ice e3 e3 dragon City alpine dragon butterfly dragon dragon City dragon city armadillo dragon City

You get a bonus for the first two fights, the next two are even, with the final two fights being a bonus against you. Make sure to pick a good dragon that will critical hit them and not be critical hit by them (a list of dragons to use can be found on the individual dragon pages), and use the proper attacks.


Links for all Individual Dragon Quests is Given below.

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Carnival Dragon

Carnival Dragon Quest

Venetian Dragon

Venetian Dragon Quest

Ney Dragon

Ney Dragon Quest

Krait Dragon

Krait Dragon Quest

Samba Dragon

Samba Dragon Quest


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