Dragon Book

The Dragon book is available to see how good a Dragon Master you are. It shows your dragon collection.

Here are all Dragons in Dragon book. All dragons in Dragon book are breed-able. They can be breed by using different combinations. Complete each page of your dragon book & get Awesome rewards().


1. The Element CollectionReward 2


Terra Dragon
Flame Dragon
Sea Dragon
Nature Dragon
Electric Dragon

1) Elemental Collection



2. The Monstrous Collection – Reward 3


Mud Dragon
Poo Dragon
Tropical Dragon
Hedgehog Dragon
Carnivore Plant Dragon

2) Monstrous Collection

3. The Red Hot Collection Reward 2


Firebird Dragon
Flaming Rock Dragon
Volcano Dragon
Spicy Dragon
Medieval Dragon

3) Red Hot Collection


4. The Scary Collection – Reward 3


Dark Dragon
Vampire Dragon
Pirate Dragon
Zombie Dragon
Rattlesnake Dragon

4) Scary Collection


5. The Blue Planet Collection – Reward 2


Nenufar Dragon
Waterfall Dragon
Coral Dragon
Penguin Dragon
Lantern Fish Dragon

5) Blue Planet Collection


6. The Heavy Metal Collection – Reward 4


Metal Dragon
Gold Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Platinum Dragon
Armadillo Dragon

 6) Heavy Metal Collection


7. The Frosty Collection – Reward 2


Ice Dragon
Blizzard Dragon
Icecube Dragon
Alpine Dragon
Cool Fire Dragon

 7) Frosty Collection


8. The Legendary Collection – Reward 5


Legendary Dragon
Wind Dragon
Mirror Dragon
Crystal Dragon

 8) Legendary Collection


9. The Bizarre Collection – Reward 3


Gummy Dragon
Soccer Dragon
Petroleum Dragon
Pearl Dragon
Jade Dragon

 9) Bizarre Collection


10. The Heaven & Earth Collection – Reward 2


Cactus Dragon
Cloud Dragon
Star Dragon
Storm Dragon
Dandelion Dragon

 10) Heaven & Earth Collection


11. The Sparky Collection – Reward 4


Laser Dragon
Battery Dragon
Fluorescent Dragon
Neon Dragon

 11) Sparky Collection


12. The Hot & Cold Collection – Reward 3


Dark Fire Dragon
Snowflake Dragon
Hot Metal Dragon
Ice Cream Dragon
Mojito Dragon

 12) Hot & Cold Collection


13. The First Pure Collection – Reward 5


Pure Dragon
Pure Terra Dragon
Pure Flame Dragon
Pure Water Dragon
Pure Nature Dragon

 13) First Pure Collection


14. The Second Pure Collection – Reward 4


Pure Electric Dragon
Pure Ice Dragon
Pure Metal Dragon
Pure Dark Dragon

 14) Second Pure Collection


15. The Tough Collection – Reward 3


Chameleon Dragon
Seashell Dragon
Moose Dragon
Dragonfly Dragon
Venom Dragon



16. The Festive Collection – Reward 4


Paradise Dragon
Carnival Dragon
Tiny Dragon
Steampunk Dragon
Viking Dragon



17. The Gaia Collection – Reward 5


Seahorse Dragon
Plankton Dragon
Aurora Dragon
Deep Forest Dragon
Hammer Dragon



18. The Sky Masters Collection – Reward 7


Butterfly Dragon
Sky Dragon
Bat Dragon
Fossil Dragon
Lava Dragon



19. The Multiheaded Collection – Reward 5


Two Headed Dragon
Ice&Fire Dragon
Hydra Dragon



20. The Elder Collection – Reward 4


Prisma Dragon
Centipede Dragon
Great White Dragon
Aztec Dragon



21. The Happy Collection – Reward 5


Angry Dragon
Jelly Dragon
Music Dragon
Block Dragon
Joker Dragon



22. The Luxurious Collection – Reward 5


Emerald Dragon
Ruby Dragon
Diamond Dragon
Treasure Dragon
Ivory Dragon



23. The Basic Light Collection – Reward 3


Archangel Dragon
Justice Dragon
Sun Dragon
Gaia Dragon
Luminsicent Dragon



24. The Advanced Light Collection – Reward 9


Rainbow Dragon
Fallen Angel Dragon
Cold Star Dragon
Photon Dragon
Elfic Dragon



25. The Basic War Collection – Reward 3


War Dragon
Juggernaut Dragon
Colossal Dragon
Red Woods Dragon
Leviathan Dragon



26. The Advanced War Collection – Reward 9


Panzer Dragon
Nightwind Dragon
Tesla Dragon
Dark Stone Dragon



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