Pterodactyl Dragon

Dragon City Pterodactyl Dragon Element- terra nature electric e1 Hatching – 24:00:00 Breeding – N/A
Category – 4 Generation – Ex Shop- N/A
Weakness – metal war e2 Avoid – nature dark light flame metal e3 e3 e3 e3
Pterodactyl Dragon | Dragon City Pterodactyl Dragon in Dragon City dragon city Pterodactyl Dragon Pterodactyl Dragon Information
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40
Description :

The scariest dragon from the Jurassic period has come to join his fellows. You may be afraid of his teeth and spikes but be aware of his claws, that you can split into two !!

Trivia :
  • The pterodactyl is not actually a dinosaur.
  • It doesn’t have hands but only wings.
  • It is currently the latest edition to the Dinosaur Island.
  • 13-14 feb 2015- Available for 100 gems in dragon city
Attacks :
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 physical Flying Kick 413 1 day trained electric Electro Ball 1200
4 terra Meteor Shower 650 1 day trained terra Asteroid 1200
8 nature Leaf Blast 1050 2 day trained nature Bee Hive 1350
15 electric Electric Shock 1050 2 day trained electric Tesla Ray 1350
Use Against Pterodactyl Dragon :

Below are the some Dragons which can Critical Hit pterodactyl dragon without getting Critical Hit !!!

[ Note – I didn’t include Pure Dragons in this list. But that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here. If you have Pure Dragons then always use them first, since they don’t have any weakness & also they are all Category 5 dragons !! ]

ace dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

sea nature metal udi03

armadillo dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra metal udi06 udi06

battery dragon | Dragon City

category: 2

electric metal udi09 udi09

blue dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

sea flame metal udi12


joseon dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra flame sea udi15

loki dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

war flame dark udi18

millenium dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

sea war terra metal

panzer dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

war metal udi24 udi24


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