Animation Dragon

Dragon City Animation Dragon Element- sea electric e1 e1 Hatching – 16:00:00 Breeding – N/A
Category – 4 Generation – Ex Shop- N/A
Weakness – flame war e2 Avoid – flame electric war metal e3 e3 e3 e3 e3
Animation Dragon | Dragon City Animation Dragon in Dragon City dragon city Animation Dragon Animation Dragon Information
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40
Description :

It’s been a while since dragons evolved from frozen frames and began to walk, fly and fight! And it’s all thanks to the animation wizards and magae! Animation Dragon was the first of its kind. Thats why he is so special and loved by everyone !!

Trivia :
  • The Animation Dragon was added on 23 Dec, 2013 as the Premium Box Dragon in the Winter Calendar for 115 .
  • It is the 1st dragon to be 2D styled.
  • It is similar to Mickey Mouse.
  • When it attacks words like POW! and WHAM! appear.
  • You can get this dragon by Recruiting freinds at the Recruitment Tavern.
Attacks :
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 physical Punch 338 1 day trained seatr Acid Rain 1200
4 sea Tsunami 550 2 day trained sea Whirlpool 1350
8 physical Judo Kick 863 1 day trained electric Electro ball 1200
15 electric Lightning 550 2 day trained electric Tesla Ray 1350
Use Against Animation Dragon :

Below are the some Dragons which can Critical Hit animation dragon without getting Critical Hit !!!

[ Note – I didn’t include Pure Dragons in this list. But that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here. If you have Pure Dragons then always use them first, since they don’t have any weakness & also they are all Category 5 dragons !! ]

abyss dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

light dark ice flame

aztec dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra flame udi06 udi06

blizzard dragon | Dragon City

category: 3

sea flame udi09 udi09

blue dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

sea flame metal udi12


butterfly dragon | Dragon City

category: 3

nature flame udi15 udi15

joseon dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra flame sea udi18

millenium dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

sea war terra metal

hellgate dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

dark flame pure war


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