Albino Dragon

Dragon City Albino Dragon Element- sea light e1 e1 Hatching – 16:00:00 Breeding – N/A
Category – 4 Generation – Ex Shop- N/A gems
Weakness – flame war e2 Avoid – flame electric war dark light e3 e3 e3 e3
Albino Dragon | Dragon City Albino Dragon in Dragon City dragon city Albino Dragon Albino Dragon Information
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40
Description :

Albino Dragon is a rare dragon in Dragon City. He’s the only dragon with no skin color, and when he’s angry he shines so bright he can blind his enemies. When this happens, he doesn’t waste the chance to give them what they deserve !!

Trivia :
 Released September 12, 2014 in recruiting event.
Albinosm is rare in nature, it makes a creature completley white except Reddish-Pinkish eyes. Some animals, like Dolphins, are pink when albino.
Attacks :
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 physical Hard Charge 488 1 day trained physical Hammer Fist 900
4 sea Flooding 650 1 day trained sea Acid Rain 1200
8 nature Poison Ivy 650 1 day trained nature Rottening Spell 1200
15 light Light Prism 750 2 day trained light Enlightning Wisdom 1200
Use Against Albino Dragon :

Below are the some Dragons which can Critical Hit albino dragon without getting Critical Hit !!!

[ Note – I didn’t include Pure Dragons in this list. But that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here. If you have Pure Dragons then always use them first, since they don’t have any weakness & also they are all Category 5 dragons !! ]

angry dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra flame nature udi03

aztec dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

terra flame udi06 udi06

blizzard dragon | Dragon City

category: 3

sea flame udi09 udi09

blue dragon | Dragon City

category: 4

sea flame metal no


forge dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

metal terra ice flame

millenium dragon | Dragon City

category: 5

sea war terra metal

paradise dragon | Dragon City

category: 3

nature flame udi21 udi21

flaming rock dragon | Dragon City

flaming rock
category: 2

terra flame udi24 udi24


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