Abyss Dragon | Dragon City

dragon city abyss dragon Element- light dark ice fire Hatching – 84:00:00 Breeding – 50:00:00
Category – 5 Generation – Ex Shop- 4,500 gems
Weakness – dark nature e2 Avoid – sea nature electric metal dark ice light war e3


abyss dragon dragon city abyss dragon in dragon city  dragon city abyss dragon abyss dragon  dragon city
Egg Level 1-3 Level 4-6 Level 7-40


Description :

The most unknown of all four-elements-dragons. He combines the most antagonistic pairs of elements. Coming from the deep unknown, he is the master of light and darkness, fire and ice. Expect the unexpected!


Available :


The Abyss Dragon was released on 25/3/2014 in store for 4500  gems.
It has a Social Empires counterpart named Hell Abyss Dragon.
It can now be breed with the Breeding Sanctuary at level 5.
Best Breeding Combinatons :



Dragon City Double Nature DragonDouble Nature


Dragon City Apocalypse DragonApocalypse

38 % Chance
Parent level >= 20
Sanctu. Level = 8

Dragon City Double Flame DragonDouble Flame


Dragon City Apocalypse DragonApocalypse

28 % Chance
Parent level >= 20
Sanctu. Level = 8


Attacks :


Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 light Light Sword 650 2 day lighttr Enlightning Wisdom 1200
4 dark Ghost Cloud 1050 1 day darktr The Grim Reaper 1200
8 ice Frost Nova 550 1 day ice Icy Wind 1200
15 flame Nuclear Hit 1050 2 day flame Magma Storm 1350


Use for Fight :

Below are the some Dragons which can Critical Hit abyss dragon without getting Critical Hit !!!

burning dragon | Dragon City
category: 4

flame dark u1 u1
cactus dragon | Dragon City
category: 3

terra nature u2 u2
apocalypse dragon | Dragon City
category: 5

flame ice light dark
joker dragon | Dragon City
category: 4
flame dark u4 u4
cat dragon | Dragon City
category: 4

terra ice dark u5
meteor dragon | Dragon City
category: 4

flame terra dark u6
pure dark dragon | Dragon City
pure dark
category: 5

pure dark u7 u7
sunset dragon | Dragon City
category: 4
flame metal dark u8

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