Free Earn Gems [Official]

Here is Another Stunning Offer from Dragon City..
Its Gems Offer !!! Yeah, you heard it right, Its Gems Gems Offer Guys !!!
I know you must very Exciting now because you are going to earn 50-60 Gems for Free & only in One Day.
But this offer is only available for Mobile Users, So PC users sorry for that !!!

So lets see how you are going to win Free Gems !!!

So there is this Gems offer today for only one day , Here its is-

Free Gems offer Logo

So you have click on this- Then Select these first two offers –

Free Gems Offer

1. Get a Gem – Watch Video

So click on watch video, some video(20 sec length) will start, don’t do anything just watch or do anything else. After video is completed install app page will offer will appear, then close that with upper right corner cross button & Bingo you got 1 Gems

2. Free Gems – Earn Gems

This offer is going to get you 50-60 Gems easily . All you have to do is,
1. first click on earn gems button, then this screen will appear. All you have to do is Install apps & some simple tasks.

Offers to Earn Gems

3. Now select any offer, then this screen is going to come-

How to win Gems

4. Read the details given below . These are details for how to win these gems. Most of offers are just to install app & open it once it installed. If you have already installed app then just remove it & install from here. It will work for Sure. And Most Important Remember you will gems after some time when you restart your app !! So after you completed few task wait for some time & restart your app & Boom !! You will have your Gems !!

5. Here is My win for only 2 apps – 14 Gems !!!

Gems Win

If you have any problems feel Free to Ask in Comments !!!!
Enjoy & Best of Luck !!


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