Earn Millions of Food or Gold from Dragon Market

Here is small tip on how to earn millions of or from Dragon market….
Here is how to do it.


  1. Add as many as friends you can , lets say add upto 1000 DC friends.
  2. Send Requests to your friends from Dragon Market after every 20-30 minutes. But remember do not refresh the game between that interval. Because when all 10 positions will be filled you can’t send anymore requests.
  3. After collecting  or  from your dragon market refresh game in 2-3 seconds without opening it. & you will see the magic. You will get extra  or . And remember note your food or gold before refreshing your game.
  4. Mine level is 58 I have around 800 DC friends, I don’t know how many of them play regularly but still I get 5-6 Million  each time i.e. 20-24 Million per day 🙂
  5. Now start earning some real or .

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